Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hip Hop thread of the day

If you had to chose top 10 producers of all time who would they be?
me and my friends always have this conversation
and the people who know hiphop usualy say premo..pete rock. l.e.s the good shit lol
and the others say like lil jon 

thats like saying jay-z is the best lyricist of all time
hes up there..but in my eyes there are a few better...rakim is the best of all time
but kweli is my favorite!

oo btw..flash back joint of the day

didnt make the album..but this shit is for real

im goin to the beach .. the hamptons baby!

what do you think of death of auto tune?

hopefully it will put an end to the autotune era...besides 808's that album was sick
i think theres a few subliminal jabs in this song

real underrated..still waiting for the greatest story never told!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

the peice of the mesh bodys next to the reflection pool is insane

the interior has alot of rustic tones..a feel you would often get in lofts in the village

Sao Paolo has alot of artistic architecture.

yo yo wattup..first blog

yo just wanted to drop in some knowledge..My blogs mostly gonna be about fashion..music..arcitecture and just my thoughts about whats goin on..no perez hilton shit LOL.

If you think any of my posts are cool or have ideas for me to post dont be shy.

God bless.

"Grandescent Aucta Labore"
Steven Capatosto